2015 YODEX

Gathering Creativity for Synergy


The Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX) this year is different.


At 34, the YODEX is a well-established and mature large-scale design show. To further improve for a better future, this year’s YODEX has launched a number of reforms, including the pilot exhibition, the “Digital Media Design” area, held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3, with limited participation by only a number of media design departments and institutes. With specific expertise, the area provides visitors interested in digital media design a space where they can fully enjoy and explore the exhibits; but more importantly, this enables the industry to quickly discover works and talents with great potentials with limited time in a concentrated exhibition.


Also, this year’s YODEX marks the first time ever that the Taipei World Trade Center adopts the EasyCard purchasing system for a professional exhibition, which provides convenient and efficient ticket sales and entrance for visitors and saves them the time and effort spent in a queue, so that all the visitors can focus on admiring the fruits of these emerging young designers’ hard work.


Moreover, this year’s main visual has been selected through collaborative project between the industry and academia; Taiwan Design Center set the topic, and called for submissions by young designers graduating this year. Peng Hui-Ran from the Department of Industrial Design, Shih Chien University, was in charge of the design; and after four months of intensive discussions and modifications, the project not only has produced an edgy and trendy visual design, but also has become a success story of collaboration between industry and academia, marking a new milestone for the YODEX.


The main visual of the 2015 YODEX aims to highlight the exhibition’s main concept, “gathering creativity for synergy.” The sprinkled magnetic powder symbolizes the creative ideas of the participating students, which coagulate into the YODEX. It is the gathering of young design talents; more so, it is the sum and product of industrial and academic energies. The visual design embodies what Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc., thought of creativity, “creativity is connecting and reassembling existing things and experience. You can only discover the true meaning behind it, and believe that it will connect with your future.” The bright yellow color highlights the robust energy of youth, illustrating how young designers synthesize small ideas into big creativity, so that the never-ending process of brainstorming can take shape in the most perfect creative particles and be synthesized into the most powerful and unique spark of design.


We sincerely invite everyone to witness the different YODEX, and together, we shall see the surprises and expectations for the future the young designers bring to the Taiwanese design industry. 


Opening Ceremony|1 May 2015

Exhibition|1-3 May 2015, 10:00am – 6:00pm 
Exhibition|4 May 2015, 10:00am – 4:00pm 


Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition, TWTC, Address: No. 5, Xin-Yi Rd., Sec. 5, Taipei, Taiwan

Hall 3, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition, TWTC, Address: No. 6, Song-Shou Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Advisory Board : Ministry of Economic Affairs

Executive Organizer : Taiwan Design Center